Saturday, 11 February 2017

4 Possible Reasons For Your Garage Door Failure

Garage Door Fail
A garage door installation not only offers protection, but also helps in improving the curb appeal of a property. It is composed of many small to large elements that work in coordination to perform the door mechanism. For successful door operation, its important to maintain and inspect your overhead door for any replacements and repairs. If any of the component gets damaged or fails to operate, it can directly effect the door performance and can also lead to a faulty garage door. To avoid any inconvenience, get it repaired and maintained professionally by Vaughan garage door repair experts.

Few possible reasons for improper functioning door are:
1. Faulty Batteries

If your residential garage door that is automatically operated with a remote, isn't opening up despite repeated buttons pressing, the reason may be faulty batteries. Take out the remote batteries and exchange them new ones. Now try opening the door again, if it isn’t still opening, call in garage door professionals for inspection.

2. Damaged Springs

A garage door consists of torsion and extension springs that keeps a hold on this heavy door. As they have to carry so much weight, they tend to break with reckless and prolonged use. A door is broken springs can turn out to be dangerous and should not be handled until the springs are replaced.

3. Misaligned Track

The movement of a garage door depends greatly on track and rollers. If any of the track gets misaligned, it will restrict the door movement and consequently, it will not open up. Also, look for any debris or dust buildup in the corners and edges, as it can also restrict the opening mechanism. If there is any unfamiliar noise or some other issue, get the door repaired by experts, as soon as possible.

4. Lack Of Repairs

For efficient performance, a garage door should be maintained at least once in a month. Since an overhead door operates all year long in extreme weather conditions, its components are prone to wear and tear fast. To avoid any injuries, try to replace the garage door parts with utmost preference.

These were the few reasons that compel a garage door opening to fail before its actual life span. Garage Door Repair Vaughan is a trusted overhead door service provider that offers top quality garage door repair, installation, maintenance and replacement services at reasonable prices in Vaughan.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

4 Reasons to Choose Fiber Glass Garage Door

Fiber Glass Garage Doors
Buying and installing a new residential garage door is a worthy and costly investment. Since there are many door categories available, making a choice out of them is quite difficult. Low maintenance and cost is the foremost factor that people usually consider while looking for a new installation.

If this is what you are also looking for, then fiber glass overhead door installation is the best choice. This door promises to offer long lasting durability and beautiful looks along with lesser maintenance. Fiber doors look similar to wooden ones, but offer great features over them.

Few benefits offered by fiber glass garage doors are:

1. Better insulation

Insulated overhead doors are always in a great demand due to the energy saving features they offer. Fiber doors are usually insulated and are the perfect choice for those who live in extreme cold or hot areas. They can save a home and garage from excess of cold and discomfort. If your overhead door is attached to the room entry, then insulated door installation is a worthy investment.

2. Durability

With advanced styles and designs, many varieties of door are available in market. Fiber glass is one of the durable material that is affordable. This door is resistant to dents and scratches. Though it offers wooden looks, this door doesn't rot at all. The cost of this material is higher compared to steel or aluminum garage doors, but the durability it offers is worth the investment.

3. Better than wood

Since wood offers luxurious looks, most homeowners dream of wooden door installation. Due to the expensiveness, their dreams are limited to fiber glass doors that offers traditional wooden looks. The surprising benefit of this door is that one can enjoy the benefits of timber look, without any stress for rotting or sagging. They also require less maintenance compared to wooden categories.

4. Highly secure

Since fiber glass doors are durable, they are strong too. A properly installed residential garage door offers superior security to a vehicle, home and family. With their installation, one need not worry about frequent repairs or rusting.

These were the few benefits offered by fiber glass doors. Choosing a door highly depends on the budget and material. Its advised to go with the category that offers the best ROI. Vaughan Garage Doors is a reputed overhead door repair company in Vaughan that offers outstanding garage door installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services at affordable prices..

Monday, 12 December 2016

4 Smart Tips to Handle Garage Door Issues

Garage Door Problem
Garage doors are coming up as a necessity, due to growing need of vehicle safety. These doors may turn out to be a frustrating experience, in case, they don't open up or respond. The thing that can be done during such a situation is calling a Vaughan overhead door repair technician. If you think that you are good at mechanical skills, try some easy garage door maintenance techniques.

Few effective ways to handle a door problem are:

1. Analyze the issue

In most cases, an expert technician won't be able to help out until, one isn't able to describe the problem clearly. For this, there's need to inspect the door thoroughly. Try to spot all dents or bumps on the metal track. After that, lubricate all movable parts and check to see, whether they are working or not. Do remember that continuous power supply is essential for automatic garage door mechanisms. Moreover, tighten all the loose nuts and bolts to prevent unusual sounds of a vibrating door. Once all these aspects are gone through properly, note down the problem that you think a door is most possibly experiencing. After all this is done, call the professionals.

2. Identify the system

Check the type of opener system that's installed on your residential garage door. Most popularly used opener variety is torsion springs. In case of torsion spring mechanism, don’t offer self repairs as dealing with such doors can cause injury. There are some old garage door models that are installed with standard extension gate. They follow a cable pulley operating mechanism, and the repair process involved is not so complicated.

3. The temporary fix

A temporary door fixing solution that can greatly help during emergency situations is manual door operation. It’s quite easy to make a door operate manually. In case its jammed, apply some lubricant on all movable parts. Don’t try to make a sudden movement. After an hour or later, pull the door upwards to see, if its moving or not. The other fix is disconnecting the automatic mechanism. This can be done by pulling the red cord off the pulley.

4. Take precautions

Don't fix a door, if you think it isn't easy to do. Acting in haste can turn up to be disastrous. Take necessary precautions to protect yourself from an injury. After pulling the red cord, a garage door will start operating manually. Don't forget to call in a professional to get the door back on the automatic mechanism.

These were the few smart ways that should be followed while working with garage doors. Vaughan garage doors is a reputed overhead door company that offers top-notch garage door installation, repair and maintenance services in Vaughan at affordable costs.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

4 Effective Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Door

Garage Door
A garage door for a garage is as important as a front door for a home. It plays a major role in improving the overall aesthetic view. Before garage door installation Vaughan, its crucial to keep in mind the role it plays in offering safety to a vehicle. It has a big impact on increasing or decreasing the overall value of a property. Therefore, there's need to think twice, before selecting the best overhead door.

Few factors to consider before choosing a door are:

1. Type

There are various types of garage doors available that can impact the functionality and looks of a garage. The most commonly installed is a single panel overhead door that is in form of a single piece. This door lifts up and down with a single stroke rather than opening in parts. It requires good clearance space, since it swings out and away from the whole entrance area of the garage. This door requires low overall maintenance, as it does not have many moving parts.

The other popular category is the sectional overhead doors. They also perform by raising up and down, but are divided into sections. Since these doors are installed in pieces, they don't require the clearance of entire garage entrance area.

2. Material

The second most thing to consider, before purchasing a garage door is the material. The type of material one chooses, have a big impact on the functionality and design. There is need to think deeply before selecting the door material. For example, wooden doors offer the best looks, but are vulnerable to water damages and extreme weathers.

Steel garage doors are a popular option, as they are resistant to many environmental changes. These doors have higher risks of denting. If operated with care, they require less maintenance and repairs. Fiberglass is another affordable option for those who want the benefits of steel doors, that too in lower budget. These doors are more vulnerable to scratches and dents.

3. Cost

The most important factor that plays the deciding role is cost or budget. One can desire of buying a dream garage door, only if he has good budget. Its advised not to compromise with quality, due to cost. Cheap doors are not always best and not always bad. While opting to buy a cheap door, go for a simple styled one with good quality material. Weight is also a crucial factor, that can effect the cost of a door. Consult a garage door installation professional to know about the best varieties of overhead doors available in the market.

4. Style

Last but not the least, style plays a good role in improving the appeal of a home. Any of the door variety you choose, should enhance the style of your property. Most commonly, garage doors come with a wide form of accents, such as windows, carvings, and more. Insulated doors offer better benefits compared to simple doors. Color that matches your home style should be considered.

Overhead doors have a big impact on the looks of a home. These were the few tips that should be considered before choosing the right garage door.

Vaughan Garage Doors is a trusted company that offers full range of garage door repair, installation and maintenance services in Vaughan at affordable costs.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

6 Reasons It's Time To Replace Your Garage Door

You probably don't pay much heed to your garage door, but, there is no denying the fact that it plays a vital role in the functionality of your home. Make sure your door is in proper working condition to allow easy entry and maintain the exteriors of your property. Maybe the time has come when you need to think of replacing your old and dated door. Here are a few potential signs suggested by Vaughan garage doorrepair experts indicating that you should replace the door now.

  • Frequent breakdowns – If you are calling a professional for door repair quite frequently, it’s probably time for a replacement. The money you will keep on spending on the constant repairs can add up quickly.

  • Unusual noises If you hear some strange or weird noises coming out of your door, there may be some issue with the shaft bearings, or the rollers and hinges. If your door is severely damaged, it could be beyond repair so consider replacing it as soon as possible. 
  • Unattractive design – If you are not happy with the exterior looks of your home, you might want to consider an upgrade. Contemporary garage doors are equipped with the latest safety features and available in different styles and designs that can enhance the overall appearance of your home. 
  • Signs of aging – If your garage door is cracked, dented, damaged or scratched, a replacement in a must. Your garage door is the largest moving and visible part of your home, and a shabby door can harm the beauty of your home architecture. 
  • Poor security – Older garage doors lack the advanced security features that are necessary for the security and safety of your family and valuables. Make sure you install a new and latest door and ensure the security of your family members.

  • Excessive vibrations – If there is a lot of vibration when you open or close the door, the rollers could be out of place. If your garage door shakes when it opens and closes, the rollers could be rusted or out of place. Other causes of vibration could be damaged springs and cables or loose hinges.
Make sure you consider all the above points and replace your door immediately. If you are ready to replace your old garage door, make sure you hire professional garage door technicians in Vaughan. At Vaughan Garage Doors, our professionals offer reliable commercial and residential garage door services Vaughan. Our services are affordable and we promise to install every make and model of door efficiently and with precision.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Vaughan Garage Door Repair- Best Material you can Choose for your Garage Door

Today home owners can avail variety of material for their garage door according to their need and budget. Each material has its own plus and negative points on the account of their use, maintenance, durability. Moreover, they become more prone to damages after a certain period of time. Thus, various garage door repair Vaughan technicians advice people to schedule periodic door maintenance with a reliable technician.

You can choose the best suited material on the basis of their merits and demerits.

Different Materials used for Garage Doors

There are generally 5 types of material used for the manufacture of garage doors which are as follows:

1. Steel: It is the most common material used for garage doors. There are so many reasons that why one should opt for steel.
  • Durable, long lasting & less maintenance is required
  • Ductile and malleable
  • Economical in terms of budget
  •  Protection against intruders
  • Designing can be done easily
  • Available in many patterns
2. Aluminium: Aluminium has so many same features as that of steel. But this is comparatively lighter and is more vulnerable to dents. Aluminium can be painted and wood texturing can also be done. One can go for aluminium material because of the following reasons:
  •  Light weight
  • Finishing can be done with paint and texture
  • Better insulation than steel
  • Corrosion free
3. Wood: Wooden material gives traditional look and style. This is available in various styles. Wooden material is costly in terms of its availability, maintenance and budget. Wood used for manufacturing of garage doors is teak wood, red wood, cedar wood.
Various features of wooden material
  • Natural material
  •  It gives traditional look
  •  Finishing can be done with paint and texture.
  • Heavy and needs regular maintenance
  • Better insulation
  • Highly Energy Efficient
4. Wood composite: It is more advanced form of solid wood. Wood composite is made from recycled fibres. It provides us with better option as it is more durable than solid wood yet equally strong as steel door. However, it is better to choose for interior or dry area as it is not suitable for extreme conditions of tropical climate area. Also, it is expensive too.

Other features of wood composite
  •  Designing options are available, finishing can be done with paint and texture
  •  Less maintenance
  • weather resistant
  • strong and durable
5. Fiberglass door: It is a very light material and poor insulator. It can fade easily with weather exposure. It is mostly used in coastal areas as it has anti-corrosion properties. It is more resistant to salt water corrosion.

Other features of fibre glass material:
  • Light weight
  • Maintenance free
  • It can be painted in myriad shades
  • It can crack due to extremely cold weather
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Poor insulation
By having a proper knowledge of these materials, one can easily choose the material for their garage doors according to the need, weather, and durability. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Home owners can give fancy and attractive look to their garage doors using these materials as these are available in a variety of textures and designs.

Vaughan Garage Doors is the leader of garage door repair and installation industry. Our certified technicians provide quick garage door emergency services. We strive hard to provide high-end door repair and maintenance services.